Virtualsoft is a pioneer in 3D Assets by becoming the leading supplier of 3D Assets on Turbosquid. It has been a trusted resource to companies around the world.

We have a dedicated concept (pre-production) team which works alongside the production and post-production teams with vast experience in their respective fields, to create the Graphics, Motion Graphics, UI, 2D and 3D Animation experiences visualized and designed for the clients providing them products for their current or new business avenues. Having worked on in numerous international assignments, the team is capable of delivering end-to-end solutions. The team specializes in character design and animations as well and also has made inroads into the commercial space.

Our company has state-of-the-art infrastructure with an in-house studio including one of the biggest chroma(Green) room, sketching room, professional film equipment, fire safety compliance and having a huge space with open lobby to relax and refresh and reset that creative mindset.
With the passage of time we have raised our commitment towards the industry to fuel the growth of this industry to:

    • Create easy to use and more engaging products/services.
    • Identify your interaction design problems
    • Save cost in development by reducing the errors
    • Save on customer support costs
    • Increase efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction (overall productivity)
    • Improve product sales/transactions

Our Philosphy

We believe in right-advising the clients beyond our business goals, since we believe the clients need to be advised about the suitability of the solution more than the delivering what is asked. We may have lost projects by advising clients about what is right, but have gained life long friends and innumerable references.

“We continue to believe in arming the customer and
not creating long term milking udders out of them.”
– Vineet


Virtualsoft also believes in collaboration and sharing of ideas, a philosophy that lead us into leading Indian Delegations to Gwangju AceFair Korea every year since 2016. We take complete care to advise our competitors on how to crack international markets.

Virtualsoft also works hard at creating the right ecosystem for the creative industry and is also part of and supports various networks like ASIFA, MESC, SPICE (Society for Promotion of India Content Enterprises) and others.

Virtualsoft’s Leadership is also part of Indian/ International Jury at Serious Play Awards, Wharton QS, AsiaSkills/ WorldSkills as well as IndiaSkills, GO48! International etc.

Knowledge Partner for TCS iON in the field of Usability and Game Design


Knowledge Partner for TCS iON in the field of Usability and Game Design

Virtualsoft is also helping multiple Universities in

    • designing curriculum
    • delivering lectures
    • organising FDP (Faculty Development Programs)
    • Workshops.

The list of Universities includes some of the leading Institutions of India and we are also progressing to help Universities from abroad find the right partners in India and vice versa.

Virtualsoft also backs SXILL to become a leading Education Ecosystem in the world.


  1. It’s Research in mentoring has helped create a unique Level based education, that was not thought possible within the education system. It is based on the unique ADEPT System Design by our founder, Vineet Raj Kapoor, as an alternative to the more complicated and now fast fading option of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

  2. Our Founder’s Research in the fields of Animation and Design lead to the creation of Design Thinking Methodologies like D.E.S.I.G.N. System as against 5D and other popular methods
  3. His concepts like NeoReality as against Gamification is also a well read article on the internet.
  4. The Concept of using Peer based learning is also new to the Academic Circles and has been tested extensively by us since 2009 and is now implemented at all Universities and Colleges collaborating with us besides SXILL.

virtualsoft production process