3D Printing

With the help of digital 3D models 3D printing technology employs layered printing so that tangible objects can be created. In simple words when someone has a blueprint of any object like say the Taj Mahal, a cup or even a bus one can get it printed in three dimensions. So, with the help of it you can easily print a replica of three dimensions of anything say the Taj Mahal or just a cup!

For this type of printing different raw materials are used and they include plastics, paper, wood, resin, and glass. With it things that were in your imagination will become real and you can touch them and feel them just like any original object.

Thus, even in the field of architecture it is possible to use this technology and make your customer satisfied. Let’s explore how you can utilize this system. We offer 3d printing services i.e. you can see how your project looks after installation.

Virtualsoft Tech. offers high quality 3D printing/ rapid prototyping service in Chandigarh. We pride ourselves in being the most customer oriented 3D printing service provider, with timely communication. And most importantly, we use high quality imported printers and offer the most competitive prices in Chandigarh, for 3D Printing services. We facilitate air shipping of the printed prototypes to Chandigarh as well.

Get Started

Get started by submitting your 3D file (.STL or .OBJ formats). If you don’t have the 3d file, explain your idea to our in-house design team, we can design the model and print the prototype. For any queries or to submit your design, drop an email to info@virtualsoft.in or fill the form below. Our team will get in touch with you with more details and estimates.